June 25, 2012 / Press Release

Porter Wright named 2012 ACC Value Champion: One of 12 selected worldwide

Porter Wright has been selected by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) as one of only 12 ACC Value Champions worldwide in 2012. The Firm is honored with its client, United Retirement Plan Consultants, for the collaborative application of legal project management principles and project-appropriate alternative fee arrangements to achieve better results with greater cost predictability and control. The Porter Wright/United Retirement Plan Consultants team was led by Partner Mark Koogler of Porter Wright and Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Russ Dempsey of United Retirement Plan Consultants.

In its first year, the ACC Value Champion award recognizes corporate law department and law firm leaders who have made great strides in improving the value and results from legal services. Recognized Champions have successfully worked to implement value-based approaches and other management practices advocated as part of the ACC Value Challenge.

"We are very pleased to honor you for making a difference. Your leadership in implementing value-based initiatives to achieve outstanding results against three key metrics––reduced legal spending, improved budget predictability, and better legal outcomes––resulted in your being named a 2012 ACC Value Champion," said Catherine Moynihan, Director of Legal Management Services for ACC.

Porter Wright and United Retirement Plan Consultants were presented with the ACC Value Challenge Award at ACC's Annual Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 in Orlando, Fla. The complete list of 2012 ACC Value Champions can be viewed online at: www.acc.com/valuechampions.