September 24, 2015 / Media Mention

PaRR quotes Barnes in egg price-fixing case

PaRR quoted partner Don Barnes in the article, “US judge certifies direct purchaser plaintiffs’ class in egg price-fixing case,” published Sept. 21, 2015. A federal judge recently “certified a class of direct purchasers of eggs but declined to certify a subclass of egg product purchasers.”

From PaRR, Peter Geier reporting:
“Donald Barnes, a partner at Porter Wright Morris & Arthur which represents defendant egg producer Rose Acre Farms, told PaRR that the defendants are disappointed with the decision regarding a shell egg class but pleased that an egg products class was rejected. ‘As in major litigation of this type, one day it’s the ‘thrill of victory’—the next, ‘the agony of defeat.’ We believe our defense on the merits is sound and look forward to a favorable, and final resolution of this litigation,’ Barnes said.”