February 24, 2013 / Media Mention

Monica quoted in Business Insurance article about nanotechnology

John Monica, a partner and litigator in Porter Wright's Washington, D.C. office, was interviewed for and quoted in a recent article by Business Insurance titled, "Nanotechnology’s many unknowns raise risk management and liability concerns" published online Feb. 24, 2013.

From Business Insurance, Douglas McLeod reporting:
... "Despite scores of ongoing studies, the human health and environmental effects of nanomaterials used in hundreds of consumer and industrial products still are unclear.

... EPA has proposed a blanket rule requiring 90 days' advance notice from companies planning to manufacture, import or use nano-scale substances to allow time for a health and environmental impact assessment. For now, though, the agency continues to review materials on a case-by-case basis, said John C. Monica Jr., a partner with Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP in Washington, who writes about nanotechnology law.

... No nanotechnology liability lawsuits have been filed to date, but the lack of clear understanding of the possible effects of various nanomaterials has created concern about possible future exposures, insurance and legal sources say. The most dire of these may be mass tort litigation involving alleged worker or consumer injuries from exposure to hazardous nanomaterials.

... Some doubt the possibility of an asbestos-like mass tort crisis, though. In part, this is because — unlike asbestos — nanomaterials are the targets of early and widespread toxicology study. 'I just don't see it happening,' Mr. Monica said."