May 1, 2013 / Press Release

McKay once again performs in annual feast and follies in Cleveland

Hugh McKay, partner-in-charge of Porter Wright's Cleveland Office, once again participated in the Court of Nisi Prius' annual dinner performance the weekend of April 26 and 27. The Court of Nisi Prius is an invitational social club of lawyers and judges in Northeast Ohio that holds an annual dinner each April featuring satirical skits written and produced by club members and designed to satirize their colleagues, public officials, invited guests and current events.

From The Plain Dealer, Michael McIntyre reporting:

"The 113th 'Grand Assize,' as it is known, is an opportunity for the talented show men and women of the city's big law firms to sing, shuffle and skewer on stage while patrons are served smoked duck and roasted lamb.

They didn't disappoint.

County Executive Ed FitzGerald was sent up in song when Hugh McKay, partner in charge of the Cleveland office of the Porter Wright law firm, sang, to the tune of 'Power of Love':

'I'm County Exec, and my power is great.
Only the Governor has more in this State.
But my real power's right here in my head:
More than the County: it's the power of Ed.'"