February 11, 2010 / Media Mention

Delays challenge MCSi trial

One of Porter Wright's Cincinnati partners, Kathy Brinkman, was interviewed for this article in the Dayton Daily News.

From the Dayton Daily News:

There are valid reasons for trial postponements in complex white-collar prosecutions, but judges don’t have unlimited patience for delays, said Kathleen Brinkman, who served for 24 years as a federal prosecutor in Cincinnati.

The Speedy Trial Act requires that a trial commence within 70 days after a defendant’s initial court appearance on the charges. But the law allows delays for various reasons, including a change of defense lawyers that creates a need for extra time for them to prepare for trial, said Brinkman, who is now an attorney with the Porter Wright Morris & Arthur law firm in Cincinnati.

A judge will make every effort to protect a defendant’s rights, but ultimately has authority to make a determination that no further delays of trial may occur in the interests of justice, Brinkman said.