September 4, 2009 / Law Alert

As a Federal Contractor, What Does E-Verify Mean To Your Company?

You may have noticed a spate of recent articles and announcements indicating that "all federal contractors" will be required to begin using the federal government's E-Verify system beginning September 8, 2009. Originally set to take effect on January 15, 2009, there have been three prior delays in implementing mandatory use of E-Verify for federal contractors. On August 26, however, a federal district judge rejected a request for further delay, so it appears the E-Verify regulations will actually go into effect on September 8.

In light of this, current contractors should start thinking about how E-Verify will affect them — if at all. Even though many of the articles on this topic indicate that "all federal contractors" are required to start using the system on September 8, the reality is that not all contractors will be covered and that even covered contractors have time after September 8 to enroll and start using E-Verify. This alert outlines some important points for federal contractors on this issue.