Election law representation

Today’s businesses play a vital role in public life — supporting campaigns, raising money and championing important causes. To be effective, they need advisors who can give them a voice, keep them on the right side of election, campaign-finance and ethics laws, and represent their interests in the face of legal challenges.

Our attorneys’ real world experiences, from litigation to serving as campaign officers and as general counsel to state parties, help to guide our clients through this dynamic area of public law. We work with our clients to:

  • Litigate original actions relating to candidate or issue ballot eligibility, as well as redistricting matters
  • Submit merit and amicus briefing in appeals concerning charter petition validity
  • Challenge false campaign statements and advertisements
  • Prepare for investigations and inquires
  • Address improper registration and voting practices
  • Address compliance with campaign finance and reporting laws.

When election law issues take our clients to court, our team provides experienced, knowledgeable counsel. We have represented candidates, major political parties, interest groups and individuals in a variety of disputes at the local, state and even the presidential campaign level.