Employment Relations Seminar: Don't Stir Up the Hornet's Nest: Reducing Your Company's Potential Risk

MAY 10, 2012
The Shoreby Club

Don't Get Stung: Understanding Recent Changes in Employment and Labor Law

Margaret M. "Peggy" Koesel

Ms. Koesel will discuss recent court decisions and other relevant developments in employment and labor law. She will also report on some interesting action by federal administrative agencies, including some by the NLRB.

Respond Quickly: Navigating An Employee Benefit Plan Investigation

Ann M. Caresani

Employee benefit plan investigations can be time-consuming, and can result in substantial expenditures, such as excise taxes and other penalties. A variety of agencies, most notably the Department of Labor, and the Internal Revenue Service, have authority to conduct investigations. These investigations can be broad, or can address specific issues, such as COBRA compliance. The first steps an employer takes after being notified of an investigation may be the most important. Understanding what the agency is requesting, and why, are critical. Further, complying with deadlines is important to preserve rights. Recognizing problems before the agencies point out the problems, and providing the right information at the right time will help employers minimize their potential exposure.

Watch for the Warning Signs: Managing Workers' Compensation Fraud
Rebecca A. Kopp

This presentation will cover:

  • The seven elements of fraud;

  • When to pursue fraud vs. termination of benefits, and declaration of an overpayment;

  • How and when to involve BWC Fraud;

  • Examples of claims in which the Industrial Commission has found fraud.

Take the Right Precautions: Protecting Your Company During An Internal Investigation
Margaret M. "Peggy" Koesel and Sara Hutchins Jodka

Almost every employment law challenge comes down to: "What did the company do and why?" A well planned, carried out and documented investigation not only helps you make the right decision, it also helps you get more quickly to a win if your decision is later challenged. In this session, we will discuss best practices for getting the information and results needed for effective and supportable decisions.