Annual “Women in Reinsurance” Event

NOV 03, 2010
Michelangelo Hotel, New York City

Our annual Women in Reinsurance event was held the evening of Wednesday, November 3rd:

The Four-way Intersection: Effectively Communicating Across the Generations

Did you know that each generation is shaped by the events in force during its adolescent years?

  • The “silent generation” (born 1925 to 1945) was affected by the reality of a major war and a value system built on duty, honor, hard work and respect for rules.
  • The “baby boomer” generation (born 1945 - 1964) was brought up in an era of safety, prosperity, security, spiritual sterility, and conformist attitudes that led them to rebel.
  • “Generation X” (born 1965-1979) has reacted against the excesses of idealism by becoming tough, pragmatic, and individualistic as well as unimpressed with authority.
  • The “millennial generation” (born 1980-1999) has been immersed in technology, and has grown up with school shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and the war in Iraq. This generation’s styles are still playing out.

Speaker Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “Keeping the Millennials: Why Companies are Losing Billions in Turnover to This Generation and What To Do About it.” In addition, she is a seasoned consultant and President of KEYGroup, an organization devoted to creating competitive workplaces and providing leadership training, executive coaching, and employee assessment solutions.

Dr. Ferri-Reed conducted a pre-event survey on inter-generational challenges.  Read the Executive Summary of the survey results.