Annual “Women in Reinsurance” Event

OCT 30, 2013
Michelangelo Hotel, New York City

Attracting and retaining talented women in corporations is more important than ever. Especially in view of research showing that companies with the highest representations of women in leadership roles show better financial performance. But why aren’t more women in senior leadership roles?  What actions can women take to exert greater control over their career success? What can organizations do to help advance talented women?

In this presentation, Anna Marie discussed a range of actions that companies and their leaders can take to develop talented women and create organizations that reflect the diversity of the global environment. The presentation was based on effective practices, relevant research studies, and the results of Anna Marie’s interviews with executives in Fortune 500 companies and universities. As an executive coach to many senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, Anna Marie included practical tips and strategies to enable women to improve their leadership capabilities and build relationships that foster their success. The information in this presentation was based on her book, “Developing Women Leaders: A Guide for Men and Women in Organizations,” published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Topics covered:

  • What can organizations and their leaders do to develop talented women?
  • What are some best practices that develop a strong leadership pipeline?
  • What is important to know about women’s leadership?
  • How best to understand the influence of gender stereotypes on men and women and how to deal with it?
  • What are some key tips and strategies for aspiring women leaders?