Making sense of it all.
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We understand our clients' businesses and industries and provide thought leadership on our eight blogs.

Antitrust Law Source cuts across industries to cover the wide-spread antitrust arena. Updates to this multimedia site are primarily in the form of podcasts, but also include timely posts and e-books.

Employee Benefits Law Report focuses on recent legal developments and trends affecting employee benefits.

Employer Law Report Blog offers up-to-date analysis of significant legal developments and trends for employers.

Employer Law Forecast is an online tool that helps employers and human resource professionals plan for employment law issues that occur seasonally.

Banking and Finance Law Report highlights current issues and insights in banking and finance law and discusses the ramifications of the legal trends for businesses.

Technology Law Source brings together concepts that cut across traditional intellectual property lines, addressing both evolving technologies and concerns about privacy and data security.

Federal Securities Law Sourcediscusses current issues in securities law and the ramifications of legal trends for investors and private and public businesses.

Oil & Gas Law Report covers the latest legal developments and analyzes legal issues affecting producers, investors, transporters, land owners and governing organizations in the oil and gas industry.

Our attorneys stay on top of current legal trends and regularly tweet on industry specific topics. Follow us.