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How the world connects has never been more sophisticated or widely accessible. The combination of product innovation and technology implementation by service providers has truly created one world. Whether you are a transnational corporation developing an Internet protocol-based product or a small application developer, our attorneys understand the history of the industry and the challenges your business can face. From protecting intellectual property, to navigating new regulatory requirements, to negotiating multimillion dollar mergers, or advocating before state and federal courts and agencies, Porter Wright attorneys help keep your company’s operations on track and your new initiatives on schedule.

Few industries have grown at the speed of telecommunications, and Porter Wright attorneys have kept pace with the industry changes. We work with equipment manufacturers, service providers, and network operators to bring new products and services to market. We have assisted with all aspects of companies operating in the telecommunications industry – from intellectual property protection for entrepreneurs to counseling manufacturers on labor and employment issues to negotiating economic development incentives for companies relocating.

We understand the complexities and the regulatory challenges that have evolved as the industry has grown and as new products and services are provided over legacy networks. We understand minutes matter and we work with you to minimize disruptions to your company’s business.

Our experience includes:

  • Contract negotiation 
  • Multi-forum litigation defense 
  • Regulatory proceedings 
  • Federal, state, and local level advocacy 
  • Resolution of employment disputes 
  • Protection of intellectual property 
  • Executive compensation 
  • Compliance review 
  • Merger & acquisition negotiation 
  • Advising international companies endeavoring to do business in the United States 
  • Coordination of economic development incentives for new facilities