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Social Media in the Law: Learn It and Use It, or Get Out of the Way

Social media has forever altered how we share and collect information about friends and colleagues as well as people outside our professional or personal circles. And this sea change hasn't applied solely to our personal lives - businesses have been in the mix almost since day one. But have business leaders considered the ramifications of their companies' social media activity?

Porter Wright attorneys Sara Jodka, Colleen Marshall and Erin Siegfried covered these topics in this webinar:
  • Vet an Applicant Through Social Media;
  • Enact a Social Media Policy That Does Not Violate the NLRA;
  • Discipline an Employee for Improper Social Media Use;
  • Other Social Media Blunders and How to Avoid Trouble;
  • Preserve/Obtain Social Media for Litigation; and
  • Meet Fair Disclosure Through Social Media: the SEC and FTC.