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We value our local and global communities. In each of our offices we are committed to incorporating sustainable, green practices into the way we do business. We take both small and larger steps to help contribute to a cleaner healthier world.

We were the first large Ohio law firm to participate in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Change Challenge. Our green actions are the result of a community of supporters, from partners, associates and staff, to building management and neighbors. In 2008 we implemented a comprehensive “Go Green” program to encourage office and individual conservation efforts. The firm also worked with Hines Building Management, the management company of Huntington Center, where our Columbus office is located, to develop a recycling program available to all building tenants and implemented energy-saving tactics – such as automatic off switches and sleep modes for computers and equipment.

As part of our commitment to the ABA’s efforts to develop a model sustainability policy for use by law firms, in 2009 we adopted the firm’s sustainability policy to provide a framework for future sustainability initiatives. We encourage you to explore the possibilities of a more sustainable workplace. If a law firm can make meaningful “green” progress, others can too.