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Bob Tannous
Bob Tannous
Managing Partner

Value driven

Our clients expect and deserve outstanding legal service that is delivered efficiently and without unnecessary costs. We believe that is the essence of value, and it forms the core of our culture. At Porter Wright, every day we focus on combining excellence and effectiveness in the legal services we provide to our clients. Our most important job is to partner with our clients to help them seize opportunities and achieve their business goals to the greatest extent possible.

We invite you to contact our managing partner, Bob Tannous with any questions you may have.

What truly drives our firm is the value of our client relationships. Learning how we can work better together with each client, as a team, is our approach to every matter. We routinely review our clients’ needs and focus on providing the best value without compromising service. As a reflection of our standard of client focus, we have embraced initiatives such as alternative fee arrangements, taking part in the ACC's Value Challenge and implementing project management principles.

We continuously evaluate strategies to improve our methods, from thought leadership to technology. When there is an opportunity to apply best practices that will directly benefit our clients, we adapt those practices in a manner that stays true to our Midwestern roots. Staying in touch with both the industry and our clients, the majority of our attorneys have completed training in Legal Project Management. By adapting a project management approach to many of our matters, we have streamlined operations and implemented methodologies to control costs and manage risks.

Cost Control
It is often said to begin with the end in mind—whether it’s understanding settlement may be the client's best option or setting a final budget to define the scope of a project. By starting with the end in mind, we tailor our approach with each client—from considerations of alternative fee arrangements to negotiating favorable rates with third party vendors to alternative staffing models—to meet the client’s end goal in the most cost-effective manner.

It’s simply not possible to advise a client without understanding their business. We take the time to learn our clients’ businesses and industries, and stay ahead of issues and challenges that may affect them. We create multi-disciplinary client teams to view our clients’ businesses from all perspectives, and we maintain regular working groups to stay aware of market changes, business shifts and opportunities to advance our clients’ goals.