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There has never been a time when the energy industry was more critical to the success of all global markets. The global reliance on technology and automated manufacturing bring with it a reliance on the energy that powers these endeavors—and as industry continues to churn, and massive markets continue to grow, energy demand and the issues that accompany it continue to grow in complexity. From energy that powers the largest manufacturing facilities to the energy that powers our home computers and kitchen appliances, people everywhere depend on consistent, affordable energy sources. As the need for energy grows, so does the regulation of, and the litigation faced by, the companies who provide it. Many of our energy and public utility attorneys are consistently ranked as leaders in the industry by national publications. This experienced team understands the challenges energy and public utility companies encounter in the regulatory and litigation process.

Here are some specific examples of our experienced approach to energy industry representation:

  • Regularly represent electric, gas, and telecommunications utilities before regulatory commissions and state and federal courts 
  • Represented large utility clients before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio in rate litigation, market restructuring proceedings, rulemakings, and certification proceedings

Porter Wright has been representing energy and public utility clients for more than a century as these vitally important companies provided necessary services that improved the quality of life for individuals and supported the progress of our communities. It’s clear, several generations later, that the world’s energy demands will only increase as we power into the future. Porter Wright is committed to continuing to serve the industry’s legal needs, as a means to encourage our clients to discover, develop, and manage their new and greater opportunities and challenges.