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Fortunately for all of us, the biotech industry develops life-enhancing, and at times, life-saving products. The industry is high stakes, highly regulated and capital intensive. The large investment in research & development makes protecting intellectual property rights critical.

Innovative biotech development occurs in many types of companies, from startups and university spin-offs to well established publicly-held companies. Porter Wright assists biotech companies in the early stages of growth to start with a solid foundation for success and protect that foundation for the future. If your company is starting out in the industry, we can help you select an organizational and operational framework that makes sense for your business objectives; structure business alliances in research, development, manufacturing and distribution; acquire, protect and exploit intellectual property rights and meet regulatory obligations.

Whether your biotech business is emerging or well established, we can help you successfully manage the legal issues that affect your ongoing operations.

We can help you: 

  • Structure and negotiate venture capital and angel investment to infuse capital at critical junctures
  • Deal with legal issues arising in the clinical trial process, including compliance with regulatory and institutional review board requirements
  • Structure and negotiate technology licenses from government, universities and other research institutions
  • Prosecute and license patents and other intellectual property
  • Acquire and dispose of technology assets and business units, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Structure and negotiate joint venture, manufacturing and distribution agreements