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Appellate and Supreme Court practice

The end of a trial often marks the start of an appeal - a whole new ballgame. Whether defending or challenging a judgment, you need a partner who understands the playing field.

Our attorneys represent clients at every level of state and federal appellate jurisdiction. We regularly appear before Ohio’s Courts of Appeal and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. In Ohio’s Tenth District Court of Appeals alone, our lawyers appeared more than 20 times since 2007. In the same period, we made more than 20 appearances before the Sixth Circuit.

The firm has particular insight into advocacy before the Ohio Supreme Court. We’ve advanced client interests before the high court nearly 70 times since 2000. We know how to frame arguments to maximize the chances for success in this unique forum. For example, in 2009 we obtained discretionary review in a multi-million dollar commercial dispute and established an important rule of law protecting business negotiations.

Our advocates: 

  • Assess the prospects for success on appeal
  • Craft arguments that engage busy appellate judges
  • Develop public-policy arguments that resonate with the bench
  • Formulate and pursue settlement strategies, where appropriate
  • Forge strategic coalitions and submit amicus briefs
  • Work to control costs and use resources efficiently

Because we ground our appellate practice in the trial experience and substantive knowledge of our attorneys, the practice encompasses a wide range of substantive areas. When our involvement in a matter begins at the appellate stage, we work to make our partnership with trial counsel both effective and cost-efficient for clients.

From cases affecting businesses to amicus opportunities, get the latest information from our Appellate and Supreme Court White Paper series.